A record year!

We just finished another year of migration, with big kettles flying over the islands of Bocas del Toro, on their way to South America.  This year is not like any other year.  This year was the biggest migration of raptors in the 10 years that the Panama Audubon Society and its volunteers have completed a survey on Ancon Hill  in Panama City.  At last report, there were over 3,000,000 birds.  There were still more on the way, because we had some more small kettles flying over Tranquilo Bay, as late as November 9.   Of these three million birds, over two million were counted in one day, November 2, 2014. Great work by all the volunteers in Panama City.  Thanks to Fundacion Natura, who sponsors this initiative, the Panama Audubon Society and all the volunteers that helped to make this possible!

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute article about the 2014 raptor migration:

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