Surf session at OLS

So yesterday, Jim and Jay loaded up the boat with Scott and Tres, Stefanie and Patrick, some friends and a few surfboards and headed into town. We had a family to pick up in town later in the afternoon so they had enough time to get in a few hours with the boys at OLS. Stefanie, Patrick and Gina all went to town while the boys surfed. Boty and I enjoyed a few hours here at TB on our own. The boys had a marvelous surf session. It is so cool to see how they are growing stronger and picking up new skills. You can tell by the looks on their faces how much fun they are having. See for yourself!


Tres learning his style.


Brandon showing the little kids how to do it.


Scott on one of the many waves he rode standing tall.


Apparently having the tongue out of your mouth makes it easier.


Brandon again. Jim has learned a few new tricks in surf photography. I think I may need to buy him a helmet.


Almost up. Tres was standing up and then attempting to jump and do tricks just like he does on his surfing game on the iPod.


Scott taking a breather in between sets.


Pure determination.


No – they didn’t have any fun.

The day we learned to surf


Off for a big surf down off the point

They call this pearl diving


Made the drop

Get off my wave school boy

You burned me dude

Out of the way


I swear dude it was over head

Watch out, I told you not to burn me




My second stand up, no one bothered to take a picture the first time

Hanging with the Dads

We’re both going for it

It’s called a “Hang 20”

It’s so easy dude

Come on, Nuri’s got some cookies

all to ourselves

Area: Bocas del Toro Archipelago
Activity: Surfing
Weather: Beautiful sunshine…too much sunshine

Even on small days you can find a nice wave in this part of the Caribbean. I was amazed at what we found today. After feeling a bit disappointed by the surf report, we stumbled onto a gem in the rough. This just instilled in me that even when things look bleak, a little perseverance can have the deepest rewards. This is how the day played out. The surf had gone down considerably from previous days so we shot out to the spots that had a chance of holding up under the current conditions. Repeatedly we found nothing that looked like any fun and then the one spot that was a sure thing had ten guys out in the lineup. On our last shot we found a wave that was

, pealing and very clean. Just one problem existed, if you did not make the wave you were in about six inches of water on top of the reef. I was a little upset because everyone else in the group was on body boards and I was the lone stand up surfer. After paddling out and realizing there was no way I was going to chance hurting myself or my board I made my way back to the boat, grabbed a sponge (aka body board) and got back in the lineup. We took turns between the three of us at late drops and fast rides for

almost five hours
with a short break for lunch. The wave was short, committing but a tone of fun and the best part was we never thought it would be there, and of course we had it all to ourselves.

another day in paradise

The swell has dropped around the islands it was decided this day would be about cruising in search of more spots for future surf missions. Equipped with a depth finder, GPS, and charts of the area we fired up the boat and took off. There were squalls on the horizon but the sun was beating down upon us. The winds were howling and the day already had the makings of an epic adventure. First destination, an island named Cayo Agua because of its proximity to open ocean swell and shelter from wind. This island has some wonderful possibility with point and beach breaks. Due to the small swell on this day we only got a taste of what it could be like. However we did witness a few nice sets roll through and peal down the line. This got our bodies quivering with anticipation of what could be when things picked up. Everyone was ready to jump in but the consistency was just not there, another foot quite possibly could have made the difference. Guess we should have been there yesterday. To quell our thirst we shot out to the Zapatilla Cayes in hopes that the outside breaks would be a bit larger and allow us some rides. It was a good decision; we rode a few and went home smiling, another day in paradise.

in search of a clean wave

Area: Carenero Island
Activities: Surfing
Weather: Beautiful, but windy 🙂

First thing in the morning, after some coffee of course, we looked at the surf report. A nice swell was pushing, 6 to 8 feet with 10-second intervals. Beautiful, the sun is out with those light, fluffy Caribbean clouds lining the horizon but one thing was amiss, the wind. We set out with high hopes of finding some waves on the front side of Bastimentos Island but as we rounded Old Point we were greeted with a strong west wind that had us guessing about our destination. Pushing on in hopes that the break we were headed to might have just enough cover to hold the waves from being blown out. Upon our arrival it was apparent that the choppy water was just not going to serve for a day of surfing. Bobbing in the water like a coconut headed to some remote outpost, we all sat down to make a decision. It was decided to make a run for Carenero, a nice spot close to Isla Colon that we knew for sure was sheltered from the wind. The ride was worth it, stunning views of the front side of Bastimentos and a clean wave to enjoy the day on.