Chili 3 – La bomba!

Afro Caribbean Spice At present, there are a lot of hot peppers around the world to choose from.   Many of us  at Tranquilo Bay are big lovers of spicy things, so Ramon and I have been trying through the years to grow different varieties of hot peppers.  The one, so far, to give us the best results is the habanero pepper (Capsicum chinense).  This pepper also has a bunch of varieties.

Bocas Hot SauceThe reason for the name of this blog post is that La Bomba is the name we all gave to the first batch of my home-made hot sauce.  This hot sauce includes the hot peppers and culantro (the native version on the cilantro or coriander) that we grow in front of our apartment. Many of our guests have tried this hot sauce during their stay at Tranquilo Bay and often the fall in love with La bomba.   For spice lovers, many enjoy the hot sauce and my regular experiments with the chiles!

Home-made Hot SauceWe have a new group of beautiful plants growing that is a new variety of chile.  In my experience eating chilies it is one of the spiciest I have ever tried, so, we will see how it gets incorporated into La Bomba.

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