Good Rain Jackets for Panama

Traveling outside of Panama City requires a rain jacket of some form.  Here are a few examples of jackets we use.

Men’s Jacket – LL Bean Trail Model Jacket.  Jim has had this jacket for about five years now.  It is great and has a lifetime guarantee.

Panama Vacation

Ladies Jacket – Athleta Rain Check Shell.  Renée has had this jacket for about two years now.  For a short-length jacket it has been perfect.

Panama Trip

Ladies Raincoat – LL Bean Trail Model Raincoat.  Renée has had this coat for almost four years.  It is perfect for a boat ride or when you are not as active.  I divide the time between both the jacket and the coat now depending upon what I am doing.



Boy’s Rain Jacket – Land’s End Boys’ Solid Package Navigator.  Tres just got this jacket recently after he grew out of his Colombia jacket.  So far we like it quite a bit.  The jacket can be packed into itself which makes it easy to keep it in his backpack.


Girl’s Rain Jacket – LL Bean Kids’ Discovery Rain Jacket.  Boty has had this one for a few months.  She was using a hand-me-down jacket Tres had from Old Navy.  She wanted a pink one this time which meant she wasn’t going to go with the Columbia jacket that Tres had just grown out of.  So far so good with this jacket and it can also be folded into itself.

These are by no means the only jackets to use on a trip down here, they are just a few of the jackets we have had personal experience in using.  Try to bring something with you beyond a plastic poncho.  It will make you happier as you walk or kayak through the jungle.



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