Montezuma Oropendola Three

Birdwatching Panama

Montezuma Oropendolas are distributed along the Atlantic slope of central and southern Mexico and along the Caribbean slope from Belize south to southern Panama. This beautiful bird is one of the most common species at Tranquilo Bay, often seen feeding at the central America oil palm, almost at the ground level, or jumping from branch to branch, looking for insects. It’s always a pleasure to enjoy the active and curious behavior of these very social animals.

Birding Panama

Both sexes look similar, the only difference is in size.  The male is significantly bigger (over 45cm) than the female (less than 40cm). The songs in songbirds are very important for aspects such as mating and territoriality.  Vocalizations in Oropendolas are loud and elaborate and often accompanied by a very peculiar display.  This visual display is easy to observe during mating season, as the males perch in different branches singing, and swing them self, almost hanging upside down.

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Psarocolius montezuma Source:

Price, J.J., Earnshaw, S.M. & Webster, M.S. (2006). Montezuma oropendolas modify a component of song constrained by body size during vocal contests. — Anim. Behav. 71:799-807

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