Still making me smile – a year later

Blessings Panama

These photos are almost a year apart – we missed it by 2 days.  These kids love being together.  Sure, they have disagreements, but they MUST make up.  And the working it out process usually takes about an hour before they are ready to be together again – I wish I could get over things that quickly.  It has been fun watching them all grow up over the past year.  Before we know it, I will be the runt in this photo.  Scott’s foot is bigger than mine, Tres’ is the same size, Boty’s is two sizes smaller than mine and Patrick has a way to go, but he is only five.  Love ’em!

2 thoughts on “Still making me smile – a year later

  1. They’ve grown more in the short time I’ve been here. Amazing kids! Even more amazing mom! And don’t kid yourself, you get over things pretty darned quick, lady. Enjoyed this so much. g.g.

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