Living in the Jungle – Gabe’s Point of View

Living in the remote jungle of Panama is very interesting. Every day is a new day. I never know what animals I might see. No matter what the weather, I always find something to catch my interest. One day it is sunny and I can go fishing, go hiking, and take photos and another day it can ran all day so I sit inside and listen to the thunder and watch the lightning bolts. Indoors or out, there is always something to do living in the jungle.

I can watch the hummingbirds bathe themselves. I can watch and listen as a mangrove tree falls down slowly. The cracking and breaking of branches is really cool to listen to as the tree slowly makes its way down and the forest goes through its life cycle. One of my favorite things to do while out in the jungle is to listen to all the different noises coming from the jungle plants and animals.

Here are a few of the photos I caught last week.


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