White-crowned Pigeon 2014

Bocas Canopy Tower

Photo by Brandon Reo

This species is a nomadic bird, found in the coastal areas and islands of the Caribbean, from the south of Florida to the north of South America.  At Tranquilo Bay we see them during different times of the year, depending on the food availability on the different islands of the archipelago.  A few days ago we had a big group of over 20 of them during an evening birding session. Brandon, one of our birding guests, got a very nice picture of this gorgeous bird. These birds’ diet is fruit based. They make their nest in the mangrove trees and normally lay two eggs.

If you want to learn more about Patagioenas leucocephala check:

Florida Natural Areas Inventory. 2001. Field guide to the rare animals of Florida. http://www.fnai.org/FieldGuide/pdf/Columba_leucocephala.PDF.


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