Year Round Snorkeling Opportunities

Snorkeling Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro archipelago’s interior waters are calm throughout the year.   Tranquilo Bay is located in a very calm mangrove bay where waters are clear and snorkeling is a “must do” year round.  September and October are the months that you have the best chances to get the best snorkeling conditions.  These two months usually have extremely calm water and dry and sunny weather that give the great light and visibility to enjoy the vibrant colors of the reef creatures.

Panama SnorkelingStarting at the dock, you may surrender to these underwater creatures’ beauty. Featherduster worms, crabs, snappers, glass minnows, angelfish, and many other colorful fish will surround you as you enjoy the perfect temperature of Caribbean waters.

Tropical Fish Bocas

Underwater Panama

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