Surfing Bocas del Toro

Haynes Carstens Surfing

When the waves come to Bocas Del Toro, Panama, it’s time to surf.  December through mid-April bring the biggest swells of the year to the Caribbean followed by summer swells in July and August.  Bocas has many different types of waves from fast peeling reef breaks, to big hollow beach breaks.  On almost any swell we can find a good wave that will challenge any level of surfer.

Isla Carenero is a world-class point break that shouldn’t be passed up while Bluff Beach and Red Frog Beach are great shore breaks.  The variety of waves in Bocas del Toro make it perfect for your family surf vacation in Panama.  Tranquilo Bay has a large quiver of short and long boards, foam tops, body boards, kayaks and stand-up paddle boards to suit any style of surfing.

Air Panama flies surfboards on domestic flights throughout Panama for a very reasonable charge.  So don’t forget surfing Bocas del Toro while planning your next family vacation to Panama.