Clements Bird List – 321 Species

We had a few guests here the first week of January who were here to bird. They had some great days and some rain. On one of the days they saw 101 species over the course of the day. We encountered a few new birds for the list during their stay here. There have been other additions as well, but Ramon and Natalia were on vacation so the list hasn’t been updated since September. We have a number of guests and groups coming to look for birds over the next few months so we anticipate additions to the list over this period as well. You can see the updated Bird List here.

1 thought on “Clements Bird List – 321 Species

  1. A fantastic birding destination! My wife and I loved our visit to Tranquilo Bay, and the trip through the canal was one of the best birding adventures we've ever had.

    Bob Warneke
    Member of the Board
    American Birding Association

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