Dining options

When you eat dinner on your vacation do you want to eat by yourself with just your party or do you want to dine with other people staying at the same lodge? We can set it up either way. If you are on a family adventure vacation, you may want to share stories of your adventures with others at dinner each night. Or you might want to share a meal with just your family.

We can arrange it either way. We frequently sit at communal tables and invite our guests to decide where they want to sit. The resulting conversation is interesting. To hear about an adventure from a variety of viewpoints broadens the experience. One person may notice fine details that others didn’t expressly remember but once they details are brought to the forefront then they become a part of the experience for the whole group. A different person may have noticed an unusual landmark and point it out to the group. The photographs that each person takes during the excursion also provide input into the discussion.

Then there are those who are celebrating their family time. They may enjoy the group dynamic during the cocktail hour and then prefer a private table for dinner itself.

We try to read our guests so that we can give them what they want. After all it is your vacation – make it what you want it to be.

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