Fresh Baked Goods

I used to underestimate the importance of freshly baked breads, cookies, and desserts. I have always enjoyed them, but I never realized the difference in eating these items within a day or so after they leave the oven.

We make all the baked goods we serve here on site. So that includes fresh breads, daily cookies, cakes, pies and so much more. Our guests are surprised each time they learn that we bake everything on site. To us it has become second nature to make sure that we have plenty of yummy stuff on site.

One set of guests informed me that they didn’t eat much bread but that they did prefer whole wheat bread over any other type. So the next day when we were baking our daily bread, we added a few loaves of whole wheat. Our guests were delighted to have this fresh whole wheat bread for their sandwiches and toast.

Each day we bake a different kind of cookie. These cookies are served with lunch whether you are eating on site or off site on one of our excursions. We very rarely see any cookies return from an excursion or for that matter remain on the plate following lunch onsite.

Our desserts each day are all made here. We have some tasty pies and cakes which highlight all the local ingredients such as pineapple, coconut and chocolate. It is a good thing that our property is so large and includes so many sets of stairs as it helps all of us to have an excuse to eat dessert!

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