Goldilocks and the new logo

Tranquilo Bay Logo So, all of this began some time ago. I got the itch to change the logo. Our original logo was a great one to begin our business many years ago, but we have changed and grown over the years so I believed it was time to show that growth in the form of the logo.

I looked for logo templates across the Internet. I tried a few on for size. I felt like Goldilocks except that I couldn’t find one that was just right. So I enlisted a professional for help. This was a big deal. We try to do everything in-house so stepping out was nerve-wracking yet I knew I couldn’t do it.

I reached out to a woman, Erin Napier, whose blog I have read for many years now. She has a lovely stationary and graphic design business out of Laurel, Mississippi and is in the process of filming a television show with her husband for HGTV.  I gave her a list of my requirements and she came up with a several options. She did a hand-lettered logo that was beautiful, but Jim and Jay found it a bit hard to read. She also created a beautiful hand-drawn pineapple that we worked with as we continued to develop the logo. She and I went through many iterations and I felt like I was pushing the number of iterations she was willing to complete. She has the patience of a saint and was kind and helpful throughout the process. We ended with a version that was lovely. I tried it out at New Year’s to see what people would think. It received rave reviews from the public. Not so much from Jim and Jay.

Jim and Jay were largely okay with the meat of the logo, but each had different issues. Jim didn’t want a pineapple as our main icon in the logo. He knew I was using it as the international symbol of welcome, but as an eco lodge a pineapple isn’t the friendliest crop to the planet so the pineapple had to go. Jay wanted to make sure that people knew our offerings included both land and sea. We used what Erin had developed for us as our base as we progressed to what fit us just right.

So, what to use as an icon when you offer a number of excursions and do not want to exclude any one group in particular? One of the majestic trees of the rainforest is what we decided upon. The tree we ended up with is an interpretation of our favorite “broccoli” tree. That tree has been a favorite of ours from the beginning here at Tranquilo Bay so it is fitting that it ended up in our logo.

To me, a rainforest giant has strong roots, has grown for many years (and should have many more to go), and has had to make many compromises with the environment over its tenure to reach its spectacular height. This represents the relationship between the Kimball and Viola families. The tree in our logo has two main branches that have grown off of its strong base. Both of our families are united under Tranquilo Bay yet remain separate, which is exactly what I see in this tree.

Our original logo listed only Panama as the location. With this new logo we made it more specific with Isla Bastimentos, Panama to bring in the information about the sea or that we are located on an island.

Will this logo last for close to 11 years? Only time will tell. Eleven years from now I may not be the person in charge of moving these types of things along – at that point, even Patrick will be voting age.

PS.  The photo is one that MaryKathryn Briggs took when she visited us last year.  She brought the broccoli tree in as the focus in many of her photos without even knowing the importance of it.  Thanks MK.

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