Hanging out at the dock

Among all of the activities the seven children running around here last week partook, the one they enjoyed the most was hanging out at the dock.  Each day of the week the children spent at least a part of the day at the dock.  After each excursion they went swimming at the dock before calling it a day.  These photos are from one day in particular, but they could have been any day.

Boys taking turns jumping off th dockThree girls posing for a photo at the dock

1 thought on “Hanging out at the dock

  1. Aunt GG has fond memories of the dock…playing in the water with Jim took me back to times when we were kids in LaPorte playing at the end of daddy and Marilyn`s street…spashing at each other, laughing, giggling, playing shark…It was a special treat to have Boty and Tres playing right in there with us reminding us of our carefree days of youth…watching Boty and Tres diving in, Tres doing a stand up kayak demo for me, Marco Polo, throwing each other off the dock (minus the one `failed`attempt Tres came soooooo close to nailing). And NaNa watching us with such a warm smile…a smile that made me feel as if you were not only enjoying seeing your children laugh and play in paradise, but also a smile that recognized a gaylebopper from the old days…such a gift and a blessing! Gracias!

    Glad y’all had fun…thanks for taking me back and reminding me how special my time was ‘on the Tranquilo Bay’ dock.

    Love you,
    Aunt G.G.

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