Kayak Snorkeling trips

Jungle Kayak

If you want to have a mixed experience and you are not focused solely on snorkeling, kayaks are a great tool to “get” everywhere and always give a different perspective of whatever you are going to see.

With the kayaks we can go from finding toucans or the beautiful Snowy Cotinga, to visiting a calm water secluded beach. We can take it as we choose, snorkeling in different spot in our way over or on our way back. We can jump off the kayak for a refreshing swim in the clear Caribbean waters any time we please.

Kayaking Panama

Their versatility makes kayaks a great way to have fun:

  • Kayaks allow you to reach so many interesting and otherwise inaccessible places
  • The quiet, relaxing sound of the kayak gliding in the pristine protected waters of the Bocatoranian Caribbean.
  • You are so close that you become part of the event you are observing.

Kayak Bocas

But a kayak also allows for a once peaceful use in the “observers mode” to become a fast wet race. Many times on the in the way back we “race,” to see who might be the first one to enjoy an ice-cold drink from the dock´s cooler.

Bocas Kayaking

There are as many ways to have fun in the water as there are people, and we all have our particular ways but, in a kayak, you can have them all at once.

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