Longsnout Seahorse

Since I wrote the post “underwater garden” and after struggling to choose the pictures that will go with specific text, an idea started growing in my mind.   We should share all the beautiful “underwater flowers, butterflies, bird, etc.” that surround us in an underwater photo series.

Something happened a week ago that sped up the first post of this series. After many years snorkeling in different spots around the archipelago, I have not been lucky enough to find something so I started to think it was a legend. But it was not and it seems that my bad luck is gone because I finally found a Longsnout Seahorse, in its bright yellow form, simply gorgeous … here are some pics for you to enjoy.

Longsnout Seahorse - Hippocampus reidi 2

Longsnout Seahorse - Hippocampus reidi 7

Maybe it was not so much bad luck, as it was great camouflage. Longsnout Seahorse - Hippocampus reidi  4

**Edited to correct name from Longnose Seahorse to Longsnout Seahorse.

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