Nocturnal resident at Tranquilo Bay

This animal with big eyes, yellowish-gray fur, and a long tail is a frequent visitor to the forest around the buildings and cabins at Tranquilo Bay.   The Western Night Monkey (Aotus zonalis) is a nocturnal mammal that is often attracted by the fruits and flowers on the trees near the lodge buildings. The night monkey’s diet also includes flower nectar, leaves, and insects.

Panama Wildlife

These animals are monogamous and are normally seen just a pairs.  They may be seen in groups when they have their offspring with them.  The offspring stay with the parents for a time until they reach sub-adult status.  The night monkey normally gives birth to one offspring per year.

Western Night Monkeys move fast – jumping from branch to branch and spending a lot of time where they eat.  They are found in secondary forest and coffee plantations. The species is found in parts of Colombia and Panama.  In Panama they are found in the low lands and up to 1000 meters above sea level.  Bocas del Toro is the furthest the species reaches into Central America.  It is possible the species is found in Costa Rica, but there have been no reports yet.

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