Rough week that ends well

Birding PanamaI had a rough week last week – this Blue Dacnis and I were on the same page. Between rain, migraines and emergency dental work for our eight year old daughter (which included a quick day trip to Panama City), I also had amazing conversations, saw friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, got to know some new and very interesting people, see my daughter on a horse for the first time (not the reason for the emergency dental work), and watch both the children and our business grow. Steve Ingraham was here to check us out and take photographs. His photographs are a wonderful reminder of why we have chosen to make Bocas del Toro, Panama our home. God has been very kind to Bocas. The natural resources that exist here are beyond compare.   The fact that we have the gift and opportunity to do what we can to steward this small piece of the earth we call Tranquilo Bay is such a blessing.

I ended the week with a sore throat I caught somewhere along the way during a bumpy and exhausting ride. However, I have a new set of wall-to-wall bookshelves in our new classroom to store our very large collection of books and the kids’ schoolwork. Tranquilo Bay received four new excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, the promise of a future trip with Steve Ingraham, lots of laughs with our guests this week, and a reminder of just how lucky we are to call this piece of paradise home.

Bocas del Toro HotelPlease click-through to check out Steve’s photos from his time here in Bocas del Toro.   They are amazing in their own right, but they also give you a very good idea of the colors you might see here in Bocas – rain or shine.

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