Seasoned Water Man

We have a seasoned water man with us for about six months in 2013.  He is a professional photographer who is fascinated with water. His last name happens to be Viola. Yes, he is Jay’s cousin.

Franklin Viola has been influenced by water in every step of his life. He started out young swimming in it, surfing in it, diving under it and sailing over it. He formally studied water at Texas A&M University at Galveston, graduated in 1982 with a BS in Marine Science and Marine Transportation and then set out as an US Merchant Marine officer. When he returned to the beach in 1986 he focused on painting pictures of water with a camera.

Literally, Franklin’s focus on painting pictures of water through the optics of a camera has taken him all over the world. He has completed photography assignments for Audubon, National Geographic, Travel Holiday, Islands, Discovery Channel Online, Sport Diver, The Nature Conservancy, American Express, Turner Broadcasting, and Delta Airlines among others. He has led photography safaris and seminars above and below the water. He is happy to share his knowledge of photography and the water with us all.

He decided to come down to Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge to help us with a number of projects. He is sending photos of his adventures out in a variety of mediums. He has a test run posted on Ikelite’s Facebook page here: He does a photo a day on his website here:

Surfing Panama

He got this one on Sunday when we took the kids surfing.  Marlon was helping the kids catch waves and was able to grab one for himself.  Franklin was in the water to snap the photo.

We will keep you posted on Franklin’s work while he is spending time with us in paradise. He does a great job capturing life near the ocean.

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