Snowy Cotinga on the Yard List

Observation Deck

Male Three-wattled Bell Bird

Last Wednesday, I was on the dock with the boys and saw some strange behavior near the tower with a couple of Raptors.  It had rained and the sun had just cracked around 4:00 p. m.  The birds were really starting to move.  Then I heard the call of a Three-wattled Bellbird, and then another one.  These were the first calls of the year, and that was all I could take.  I left the dock quickly and went to get my binoculars to go to the tower.  Boty grabbed some bins and came with me and man was it good.  There was a termite hatch and everything was sallying up off high perches eating the little tidbits.  Boty and I saw Blue Dacnis, Great Kiskadee and Boat-billed flycatchers, Shinning and Green Honeycreepers and a Lineated Woodpecker to name a few.  With all the activity, the parrots began to fly, in a prolonged and raucous chorus.  The pair of raptors flying around strangely were Plumbeous Kites, they must have darted for the termites as well.  The Bellbirds never called again, but I did see one male in flight.  Boty couldn’t take it anymore after watching the boys swimming down at the dock with her binoculars.  So she left to go swim and that is when I struck gold.  First, I saw a white dot, same as always.  I studied before I put up my binoculars because I wanted to be sure, and I was.  Beautiful Snowy Cotinga male right here at Tranquilo Bay.  Only seconds after I put up my bins what looked like a female dropped out of the tree and I never saw her again.  Since it was a drop and flight and I didn’t get a second look, I am not 100% it was a female, but size and markings were right.  Furthermore, she was only a couple of feet from the male on the same clump of branches when she dropped.  Anyhow, the male hung around and I watched him in my bins for more than 20-minutes.  Flying back and forth from several perches in a small area always exposed or just inside the first row of leafs.  We have listed Snowy Cotinga on our tours, but this was the first time on-site.  I was so excited, what a great bird to add to our yard list right here at Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge.  The new observation tower has allowed us access to the canopy and it sure has paid off.

Bocas Canopy Tower

Male Snowy Cotinga


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