Stand Up Kayaking

So, after Tres dared me to try stand up paddleboarding last month, I was bitten quite badly by the bug. I have been in the water every day since except for two.

24 Enero 11 111

For those of you that know me, this is a remarkable change. I normally spend too much time working at my computer and don’t stop to do something fun. Ask my kids, they would tell you the same thing. I decided it was high time that I remedy this situation.

Most afternoons I take one or both of the kids and we get in the water for about thirty minutes. Some days we paddle laps back and forth in front of the dock. Other days they swim and I paddle. On special afternoons, we take a spin around the mangroves or the little island in front of the dock. Adopting this new attitude and new sport has been great for all of us. Sunday afternoon you will find each one of us in the water in some form or another. Boty has taken to jumping off the dock which she has been reluctant to do until now.

24 Enero 11 097

24 Enero 11 112

If you have access to either a stand up paddle board or a sit on top kayak and some calm water, I suggest you try it as well. You might just find yourself with a new sport.


First three photos – Ramon Fernandez Frances. Last photo – Jim Kimball

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