Celebrating Ten Years this week…

When we were getting started in the travel and hospitality industry, people told us if you make it to ten years you will see a difference in how your reservations take off – we have definitely found this to be true.  At the start of this year we began to feel a change in how our business was growing.  Things are snowballing for us.  Many avenues such as the web, group travel, and word of mouth are merging together and increasing our bookings for 2015 and 2016.  We are so grateful for this.

We celebrate our tenth anniversary this week.  During this week in 2005 we accepted our first group of guests.  We practiced the Texas’ hospitality our parents taught us and meshed it with Panama’s warm and beautiful culture and country to create Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge.  We have learned a lot in the last ten years.  We will always learn from our employees, guests, competitors, suppliers and other travel professionals.  Our employees have been a part of our success to date and will continue to be so.   Our children have started to step in and help out in little ways, before we know it, they will be running this business.  We are fortunate to be the ones to steward this little piece of paradise with our children and employees.

It has been a joy to watch Tranquilo Bay grow as if it is one of our children.  We appreciate all you who have spent a portion of your hard-earned vacation with us over the last ten years.  We hope to see you again in the future!