VENT Bocas del Toro Trip Report

Wildlife PanamaTranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge was built on Bastimentos Island adjacent to the large Parque Nacional Isla Bastimentos in Panama’s Bocas del Toro Archipelago. I scouted this location in January 2011 and immediately knew it was a fantastic location for VENT tours. Participants also have opportunities to snorkel, kayak, fish, or swim in the warm Caribbean waters.  Jeri Langham

On his sixth Bocas del Toro trip, Jeri and his group added 22 new birds not seen on his previous five trips.  Read the entire report.  His trip for 2016 is already sold out, so if you want to travel with Jeri, you need to get on the list for 2017 (or convince him to take a second trip in 2016).

Linette Mansberger, on her third trip with Jeri to Tranquilo Bay and Bocas del Toro, took the dragonfly photo.  While Jeri’s trips are predominantly about the birds, they do take time to look at all the wildlife nature offers us.


Cheepers Birding April 2015 Tour

Panama BirdingTranquilo Bay is delighted to announce that the upcoming Cheepers Birding Tour in April will include special guests ABA President, Jeffrey Gordon, and his lovely wife and ABA Membership Magician, Liz Gordon. There are still spaces available for this incredible tour.

Cheepers birding tours are fantastic and with such attention to detail, it’s obvious that Jim and Cindy Beckman put their heart and soul into the product. As leaders they are both skilled and patient, giving that extra effort needed to get you on a bird. Jim and Cindy’s positive attitude, kindness and humor are contagious and I find that their tours attract like-minded participants, creating a pleasurable group experience.

Jeffery Gordon has honed his skills in the birding world as an interpretive naturalist, writer, field editor and worldwide birding tour leader. His most recent task being to inspire all people to enjoy and protect wild birds as the President of the American Birding Association since 2010.

Liz Gordon is one of the founders of the incredibly successful Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. Today she serves the birding world as Membership Magician of the American Birding Association and works with the Birders’ Exchange (BEX) program. This important ABA program collects donated new and used equipment/field guides and distributes those items to colleagues working to conserve birds and their habitats throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

This is an incredible opportunity to experience the birds and wildlife of Panama, while learning more about them from special guests Jeff and Liz Gordon. As always, Jim and Cindy with Cheepers Birding will make sure that you have the trip of a lifetime.

Below is a link to the detailed itinerary and sign up information for this special offer.

Canopy Observation Tower

Tranquilo Bay’s new canopy tower is an outstanding place to observe many birds, mammals, reptiles, and butterflies living high above the forest floor in Bocas del Toro, Panama.  The rainforest trail system here at Tranquilo Bay is very productive in terms of wildlife sightings, but you might find yourself looking up all the time.  That’s because in the tropical rainforest everything, it seems, is in competition for light.  There are some very specialized flora and fauna living in the upper levels of the forest canopy.  They ruthlessly creep, crawl, climb, scurry, fly and flutter until they reach the top.  When you ascend the tower, emerging through the canopy, your eyes are treated to an unobstructed view of a tropical rainforests most desirable real estate.  The views are absolutely incredible and the wildlife seems to be undisturbed by your presence, you are not a threat.  That makes wildlife watching much easier for many different reasons.  First, there is plenty of light above the canopy making photography and binocular use a dream.  All those fancy optics you paid for actually get to do their best work.  Furthermore, your subjects seem to be more cooperative or content.  On the ground, everything is always moving away, or gone before you pass through if you aren’t quiet, which is hard to do in groups.  Above the canopy birds, mammals, and reptiles are foraging on tree top seeds and flowers or soaking up the sun for a daily dose of warm blood.  They stay in the same areas for longer periods of time thus giving you a better chance for a great view.  What’s more important is that the animals moved in to see you because in the tower you are not stirring up leaves, stepping on sticks or moving around making a lot of noise.  Since you are not disturbing anyone, you are able to observe natural wildlife behavior and daily habits.  The combination of good light and less movement of the subject make Tranquilo Bay’s canopy observation tower an excellent place to study your field marks or take that wildlife photo of a lifetime.

Birding Group at Tranquilo Bay

Bocas Canopy Tower

From the tower, eye-level views of the canopy help visitors see many birds, mammals and reptiles that are often hard to find from the trail.

Panama Bird Watching

A great place for birding groups and individual bird watchers to hone their tropical identification skills. Birds high on perch above the canopy can be clearly observed while locked in the scope.