Ayuama River

During the last week of October, Natalia and I had the opportunity to explore, with the kayaks, the Auyama River mouth.  Where the Auyama River pours it´s water into the Chiriqui Lagoon. Jay was going fishing  with a guest in the area, there was space for the kayaks, so we got some water, our cameras in a backpack, and we were ready to go.

Ayuama RiverThe boat ride was beautiful, the sun was helping to bring all the colors up, the breeze and the excitement to discover a new place, all were drawing a smile to our faces.

Birding by KayakWhen we got there, the tide was rising but it was still very low so we had to find our way over a sand bar, between dozens of logs covered in Neotropic Cormorants and some shorebirds like Ruddy Turnstones, Semi-palmeated Plover and sandpipers. Flying around we could see some Brown Pelicans and Royal Terns while we were getting into the river itself.

Ayuama River Kayaking

Once we got into the river, both sides were covered in Black Mangrove at the entrance and on the first hundred meters. Vegetation grew thicker as we were going up the river, and after enjoying a pair of Pied Puffbird, we heard an unknown sound so we stopped our kayaks and waited.  Just a few seconds after we began alert mode, a Boat-billed Heron flew from one side of the river to the other perching in a thick clump of branches and leaves.

Panama BirdingIt was time to start heading back to the boat, so we left it resting on it´s perch, and we headed out.   It felt like we needed more time to discover the wonders that the Auyama River holds, but for an introductory trip … we could not complain.  It was a wonderful morning surrounded by interesting birds in beautiful scenery.


Updating Photo Galleries

One by one I am updating our photo galleries.  I am adding our best photos and trying to improve them by making them more user-friendly.  I have learned, in my years as a small-business owner, that some things should be set aside for a period of time.  So it was with the photo galleries.  I thought I had found a solution, but alas, it was not particularly user-friendly.  This round seems to be better.

I started with the birds by species galleries.  Ramon and Natalia have captured so many birds that it was the right place to begin.  Thus far, we have a new page for the birds by common name beginning with the letters A through C.  My goal is to update a gallery each week and to try to add one new gallery every few weeks.  I will post the new galleries and the updates on the blog as I am able to get them posted onto the website.

Panama Birding

Click the photo to get to the newest gallery –  Birds by Common Name:  A – C.