Down at the dock

We were blessed to have a family return this year for a second time with their children for Spring Break. Our children and their children get along really well and have the best of times. The guests tell us they plan on coming each year to visit so it will be great fun to watch how the friendship between the kids continues to grow over the years. This is just an example of the fun times we had down at the dock. Only three of the six children are in this shot but they were all around playing and having a blast.


Hasta Luego Tex

Well, it was a rough week. Tex took ill late last week. We took him to the vet in David on Monday. He seemed to be improving so much so that the vet allowed him to come home on Wednesday. When he arrived in Bocas he began having complications. It wasn’t possible to turn around and go back to David as it was too late in the day and the vet assured us his electrolytes were just off. So we began nursing him as we were instructed. It was too late. By 5:00 pm on Thursday he was gone.

We miss him. He was a good friend.