Birding Panama – Episode 10 – Berries

tanagerphotoDaniel collected a number of birds from Ramon & Natalia’s video collection that enjoy eating one specific berry.  Six species – one tree all within less than a minute.  We have planted many of these trees around Tranquilo Bay because the birds love them.  Enjoy.



Migratory birds all over the place

The last few weeks have been very, very active for migratory birds.  We have had the chance to take some nice pictures of some of our visitors.  We have taken pictures at the pineapple hill, one of our favorite places to birdwatch at Tranquilo Bay, because it is an open area surrounded by forest.  The first line of trees is miconia, and right now those trees are full of juicy berries, that many birds like, not just the migratory ones.

Bird Watching Panama

Eastern Kingbird, Dickcissel, and Piratic Flycatcher.  Photo by Ramón Fernández Francés.


Panama Birding

Summer Tanager. Photo by Ramón Fernández Francés.

Birdwatching Panama

Veery. Photo by Ramón Fernández Francés.