Updating Photo Galleries

One by one I am updating our photo galleries.  I am adding our best photos and trying to improve them by making them more user-friendly.  I have learned, in my years as a small-business owner, that some things should be set aside for a period of time.  So it was with the photo galleries.  I thought I had found a solution, but alas, it was not particularly user-friendly.  This round seems to be better.

I started with the birds by species galleries.  Ramon and Natalia have captured so many birds that it was the right place to begin.  Thus far, we have a new page for the birds by common name beginning with the letters A through C.  My goal is to update a gallery each week and to try to add one new gallery every few weeks.  I will post the new galleries and the updates on the blog as I am able to get them posted onto the website.

Panama Birding

Click the photo to get to the newest gallery –  Birds by Common Name:  A – C.