Green and black Poison dart frog One

Wildlife PanamaThe distribution of this beautiful frog is from the south of Nicaragua, down to the northeast of Colombia. They are really easy to see for their bright colors, but also, because they live mostly at the floor of the tropical forest. They are very good at climbing trees, especially during the reproductive season. The male carries his tadpoles to small pools that form in plants, dead leaves or tree holes or branches. The tadpoles feed on larvaes of arthropods if they are available, or if those are not available this species tend to be cannibalistic. These frogs are poisonous; their poison has neurotoxins that cause muscle contraction.

We see this pretty frog when we go to some of our mainland excursions. A few days ago we got to see a bunch of these frogs carrying their tadpoles on their backs. This is the way the males moved them and put them in a safe spot, where they will grow and have their metamorphosis. All those frogs with tadpoles are probably due to the limited rain we had at the beginning of the year. For the last twelve months it’s been really dry and may have affected the reproductive period and the survival rate of tadpoles. Let’s hope that there is going to be enough water for this new generation of Green and black poison dart frog.

Green and black Poison dart frog (Dendrobates auratus) References: