Happy Valentines Day!

We are thankful for all of our faithful readers and fans! We have a special treat for those of you who follow us on Facebook this Valentine’s Day. We are beginning a monthly series on Facebook entitled Save the Rainforest. Each month we will focus on something that you can do to help save the rainforest. The series will be available only to our fans on Facebook each month. Once we begin the next month’s program, we will place the information on our regular Facebook page and on Flickr. So what are you waiting for? Click here to see it.

What a way to enjoy your first anniversary!

We had a lovely couple stay with us at the beginning of the month. They have been traveling extensively over the past year, however they chose to spend their first anniversary with us here at Tranquilo Bay. We were of course thrilled at being their selected location so we did what we could to make the stay extra special for them. Here are a few snapshots from a snorkeling session during their stay.