Fly rod explosion

So, Gary wanted to see some fly fishing in action while he was here. Jim of course told him no problem. So, Jim takes his brother Greg’s new fly rod out with them to fish that day. Jim gets on the rod to work it so that Gary can get some photos of the process. Next thing you know the rod explodes. Everyone on the boat can’t imagine what has just happened. Jim is just sick as his brother hasn’t even used his rod yet. And Gary captured it all on film.


Fish On!

Jim and Jay are out fishing today with some guests. Here are a few photos from one of their fishing trips last Spring. I was thinking about these guests over the weekend as they are all University of Texas Alumni and with the Longhorns playing football as well as they are these days I was thinking about the other people I know who would be so proud of them!

It was a glorious day to be on the water. Today’s weather mimics the weather from these photographs. We had a bit of rain overnight which is necessary to keep the vegetation in all of its splendor. The fishing group left early under clear skies. The day has been clear and warm all day. We have not seen a cloud in the sky throughout the entire day. Jay likes to call these days – Chamber of Commerce days. As if we called up the chamber of commerce and ordered one just for this set of guests. And we will do the same for you.