Kayaking near Tranquilo Bay


Due to Tranquilo Bay’s location in a nearly untouched forest area within the Bocas del Toro archipelago, and the fact that it is surrounded by protected waters that hold an incredible collection of coral and sponges, we have almost an unlimited range of things to do and discover right off of the dock.

One of things we can do is take a kayak into the Caribbean Sea.   We often do this directly from Tranquilo Bay’s dock. It is an excellent summary of Bocas del Toro’s many possibilities.

Panama Birding

We start early to avoid paddling under the harshest sun. We glide over calm waters into a mangrove channel. It is here that we can see some interesting wildlife: from cushion starfishes under our kayaks to the beautiful Snowy Cotinga flirting with the top of the trees; or a Keel- billed or Yellow-throated Toucans flying over our heads in the wider areas of the canal; or the Yellow Mangrove Warbler calling at the dense mangrove edge.


If we feel like it, we stop at Isla Popa and check for different color morphs of the famous Strawberry poison dart frog, with their green and orange tones, to the light blue legged ones.

After experiencing the richness of our “over the water” world, on the way back we discover what the underwater world has to offer.


Endless platforms of coral reef covered in life and color, playful shining fishes, countless brittle stars, mysterious feather-dusters, sponges, crustaceans, ascidians are all visible under the ocean. Each of these animals lets you witness their daily life. Textures and shapes curving underwater are a colorful live work of art.


On the end of our kayak trip, it is a good time to compile and archive our memories of all the amazing things we saw within a kayak distance from Tranquilo Bay.


Updated Clements Bird List – 483 species


Natalia has updated the Clements list in conjunction with Clements 6.9.  We have had a number of out of range birds added which we will highlight for you shortly.

The list now includes 483 species.  We added 13 species since January 2015 to our Western Caribbean Slope list.  The backyard list is now up to 197 species.

You can reach the Clements list on this post or on the birding page of the website itself.


January Birding Guest Trip Report

Canopy Tower Bocas del Toro

Birding Panama

Bocas Canopy Tower

In January, we had a couple of guests that came to spend 4 days at Tranquilo Bay, after they had traveled around Panama for almost 2 weeks looking for birds. During part of their time with us they wanted to do some serious bird watching, but they also wanted to see some of the different tours we offered to our non-bird watching guests. On one of the days, another couple joined us for a trip to the mainland and we all had a lot of fun.

Panama Birding

Bird Watching Panama

Tropical Birding

We had very good weather and the birds were cooperating. Some of the highlights of those days were: Snowy Cotinga, Nicaraguan Seed-Finch, Lineated Woodpeckers mating, at eye level, from our observation tower, several brown Jays, Band-backed Wren, and very good look, in more than one place of the very pretty White-crown Parrot. Those were just a few of the many wonderful birds we saw during the four days with this particular set of guests. In about three and a half days of birding this couple saw 183 of the 411 birds we had on our list at that time. You can download the list of the species we saw and heard during their visit here.

Birding Panama

Birding Panama

Bird Watching Panama