2013 Migration Sighting

Since the middle of August we have seen a few species of migratory birds.  These were not in the numbers we normally see during the fall migration, but 3 days ago we had a very strong wind that seemed to push some of our common fall migration visitors to the island.  Today, sitting on the porch of one of the cabins, I got a nice view of Northern and Louisiana waterthrush, Prothonotary Warbler, a Summer and a Scarlet tanager, several Swainson´s Thrush and some Red-eyed Vireos.  The migratory birds are finally around!!!  Maybe the weather in the North America was too good to leave as early as usual?

Birding Panama

Louisiana Waterthrush

Bird Watching Panama

Summer Tanager

Panama Birdwatching

Swainson’s Thrush