Reflections # 1

Ramon and Natalia have been reviewing all of their photos as we work to update the photo galleries. They have so many beautiful photos. Some of them do not belong in a particular gallery, but they represent the beauty of Bocas del Toro in so many ways. One specific set of photos that Ramon has pulled together are a group of shots of some kind of reflection. This is the first in a series of photos. Enjoy.


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Camera Tricks

Ramon spends a lot of time in the forest. It is this time in the forest that gives he and Natalia such an appreciation for and a knowledge of what wildlife sits beyond the edge. Sometimes, though after sitting for a period of time waiting for birds or other animals to make an appearance, he gets a little bored. It was at the end of one of these instances when he tried a few things with his camera. The first photo is the jungle as he waited for wildlife. The second set of photos is what happens when you play with the camera and capturing your surroundings. If I look at the second set too long it makes me a bit dizzy, but it is cool how the lights and colors make waves in each photo.