Birding Panama Episode 8 Video

Birding Panama Episode 8Daniel pulled together a great collection of some of the birds you may see onsite at Tranquilo Bay.  Red-legged Honeycreeper, Blue Dacnis, Red-lored Amazon, and two Crowned Woodnymphs in all their glory.  Makes me want to pick up a pair of binoculars and go outside.   Come see for yourself as soon as you can!


Parrots at the Tower

A few days ago, we enjoyed the flight of Red-lored Amazon (and some Mealy Parrot) couples.  These parrots were going back home, to their perches in the Bastimentos Marine National Park, which borders Tranquilo Bay.   Since we are adjacent to the park, every morning and afternoon, as a daily ritual, they will fly over our observation tower making us feel very fortunate.

The ritual consists of them arriving and landing in any fruiting or flowering tree, where they will have their last meal of the day.  Suddenly and very noisily they will fly, always in pairs (except when the chick accompanies its parents, so you are seeing a family if there are three) to perch on the trees of the national park.  Once they arrive in the park, they will get a deserved rest after a hard day. In the morning, that protocol will be repeated but in the opossite direction, in the search of an early breakfast to get energy for the new day that is starting.

This same ritual that we have observed here for 14 years now, suggests that, generation after generation they have been using this same route and the inhabitants of this peninsula have enjoyed their noisy call and nervous flight all that time.

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