Reef beauty – Spotted Drum

A few weeks ago, I saw, what it is for me one of the most amazing fishes of the reef: the Spotted Drum (Equetus punctatus).

Snorkeling Panama

It is an uncommon species of fish that can be seen snorkeling on Caribbean reefs so of course It is always a nice surprise to find one.  I met this one near the dock, on top of a big red coral near the mangroves. This magnificent fish stayed for days, I know this because every day I went to snorkel I checked to see if it was still there.

Mangrove SnorkelingThe day before I wrote this post the pretty Spotted Drum was still here, I will keep checking every time I get in the water around the red coral, to know if our spectacular neighbor is still here.

Several guests here at Tranquilo Bay got to see this stunning animal. I hope it will make of the big red coral his permanent home. Before this set of encounters, I had seen this fish twice, once was a young one (which it looks very different from the adult) and the next time was an adult.