Hanging out at the dock

Among all of the activities the seven children running around here last week partook, the one they enjoyed the most was hanging out at the dock.  Each day of the week the children spent at least a part of the day at the dock.  After each excursion they went swimming at the dock before calling it a day.  These photos are from one day in particular, but they could have been any day.

Boys taking turns jumping off th dockThree girls posing for a photo at the dock

Green Living Project – Austin Premier

Just a quick reminder to any of you living in Austin, Texas – the Green Living Project is doing an Austin Premier of its Best of Global Sustainability program in Austin on March 24. See here for more information. Tranquilo Bay is included in Green Living Project’s Central American Expedition. We will be represented onsite by Panama Boutique which is a subsidiary of JB Journeys. Panama Boutique will have information about Tranquilo Bay and why you should choose Panama as your next vacation destination. Have fun!

Holiday Plans? Space is limited.

Christmas3 Christmas2 Christmas1

I am amazed that I need to write this post during the first week of March, but in all fairness to any interested parties it is necessary. What am I talking about? Well, for any of you who are considering a trip to Tranquilo Bay over the December holiday period, you need to take action. We are answering quite a few inquiries on a daily basis with regard to the holidays and the week before New Year’s is down to just two cabanas. A trip down here is a great gift to both you and your family so if you are thinking about it – give us a call.

Birthday party at the beach

Here are a few of the photos that Marilyn and Greg got the day that we went to the beach. It was a great day off for all of us. Neither Jim or I took any pictures so we are grateful for the ones that Marilyn and Greg snapped of the day. It was Marilyn’s idea to take a photo of the Kimball family since it was Jim’s birthday. We would have just gone on playing in the water. Thanks guys.


Grandma Marilyn

This is Marilyn’s third trip down in as many years. She came the first time right after Boty was born. She has been talking that entire time about taking a trip with both Victoria and Greg. This year it came to fruition. It was neat to see Marilyn in action with all the kids. Here she was down on the dock with Boty.


Passport – check

This is our niece, Victoria. Her trip to Tranquilo Bay was the impetus for her to get a passport. She hasn’t ridden on a plane since she was about 18 months old. Now, many years later, she managed to make it on three flights in one day to make it out to see us. We had a great time with her here. She came with her Dad and her Grandmother. They took some amazing photos during their stay.


Vacation Begins


So, technically we are on vacation beginning today. Jay is onsite taking care of things. Jim and I and the kids are on our way to Panama City and then to Houston later in the week. Stefanie and the boys head to Houston later in the week as well. You can still get in touch with us. We live in a virtual world. We will be back onsite before you know it.

Vacation Excitement


What is it about a vacation that excites a child? Is it going someplace new? Different? Seeing people or places that are different than everyday life? Is it riding on an airplane? I think it is something different for each person. Our children have been counting down the days until their vacation begins. They are excited about going to Texas to see their extended families. They have certain traditions that exist only in Texas (or so they think). The countdown to the trip is about each and every one of these things. It is about a break from school. It is about trying out new things.

It is really no different than when you, our guests or future guests, are preparing for a trip to come here. There is a spark of excitement in a change from the every day. Our every day is wonderful. Ask our kids, they will tell you the same thing. Yet they are excited about a trip to Houston, Texas. Arguably, Houston is not a vacation capital. But it works for us.

This year it is interesting to watch Scott and Tres as they calculate the number of days until we arrive in Houston. They are doing it on their own this year. Once they designate the number of days for a given day, Boty follows suit and will repeat it several times throughout the day letting anyone who comes within her zone know that she is going to Texas in X number of days. Children’s excitement is like a virus – super easy to catch. I am happy they gave me this infection.