Building a StoryBrand PodCast

StoryBrand is a great group of people who help business clarify their message. Donald Miller began the company some years ago as he learned how to simplify his own message.  I have been interested in his books and other products for some time.  I signed up for his newsletters, emails, etc. and watched as his company grew.

StoryBrand did grow and it offered a live workshop to help other companies clean up the information they offer to prospective clients.  Given our location, heading to Nashville for a live workshop wasn’t in the cards so I hoped they would offer an online workshop as they have done for other products.  They did.  Yet, I still didn’t discuss it directly with Jim and Jay.  I kept absorbing all the information the company put out publicly and incorporated it as best I could.

Fast forward to spring 2016.  It was time to update the website and I knew it really needed an overhaul.  StoryBrand offered the online workshop again so I talked to Jim and Jay about it.  We decided to make the investment.  As soon as I finished the school year with the kids I dug into the class.  Then I edited the website and edited it some more.  It was a challenging process, but absolutely worth every dollar and hour spent.

In December, J.J. Peterson gave me a call and we talked about how StoryBrand had made a difference for Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge.  Now, to be fair, the numbers we discussed with regard to growth of our business are so much more so than just changing our messaging.  This has helped immensely, but 12 years in business, trade shows, work with groups, and increasing our available units has also had a significant impact.  The increase in individual travelers rather than groups or people booking through travel professionals is the number that ties most closely to our work with StoryBrand.  And I must say that the investment in the StoryBrand workshop has paid off more so than any of the other marketing related tools (SEO assistance, business listings, etc.) we have used in the past.

The Building a StoryBrand Podcast is live now.  Its feature guest is John Lowry who discusses negotiation skills with Donald Miller.  I learned a few new things to consider that I didn’t learn in law school or years practicing law – always a nice bonus.  The phone call between J.J. and me is at the end of the podcast.  Take a listen.  Look out for a sloth and a little bit of Van Halen.

Mobile Friendly Website

Panama Eco Lodge Website

We quietly released a new mobile friendly website last week.  We are still working out a few kinks, but all in all it is an improvement.  Regardless of the size screen one uses to look for an upcoming vacation spot in Panama, we have you covered.  The site has been fine tuned to make sure you get the content you need to make your vacation decision.  Come check us out and send your friends!

Navigation improvements

Panama Eco Lodge

We completed an upgrade on the website over the weekend.  The look and feel remain basically the same, but we had a few comments that improved navigation would be helpful for prospective guests navigating around the site and we thought it was a fair request so we spent the time to change things around a bit.  These improvements also make it easier to browse the site from your mobile devices.  We hope everyone likes the changes.  We are also working on adding many more of our staff’s great photos to the site in the near future.  If you have a chance to spend some time on the site, please let us know what you think.

Clements Bird List – 407 Species

Natalia finished updating the bird list for our activity since May 2012.  The list increased from 388 to 407 over the last 4 months.  You can always find the current bird list in .pdf format in both Clements and Ridgely Gwynne on our Birding page in the side bar.  This list includes updates from June, July, August and September 2012.

You can also download the current list here:  Clements6628912

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past few years, we have had a variety of questions from people considering a stay at Tranquilo Bay.  We decided to pull these questions together and group them according to topic.  We have the first iteration of a Frequently Asked Questions page added to the website here.  We will continue to add-on to it as appropriate.  What are some questions you want answered when considering your vacation?