The Lost Bird Project

We learned about The Lost Bird Project from the National Audubon Society on Facebook this month.  It is terribly sad when an animal becomes extinct, but if we are to forget these species as well then they in effect go extinct twice.  The belief that underlies the initiatives of the Lost Bird Project is that art can touch each of us in a way that ideas and intellect alone cannot.   Thus by creating sculptures of these lost birds and placing them in the habitat from which they went extinct The Lost Bird Project is using art as a way to help us to remember these birds and keep them from going extinct a second time.

The project has created and placed five statues to date.  These memorials serve as a reminder to remember.  They are also creating a documentary film which captures the process they have gone through to create the sculptures and place them into their habitat.  A book will be created that also memorializes both the birds and the process a small group has been through to help us to remember these special creatures.

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