Tres’ thoughts on learning our Yard Birds

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Yellow-throated Vireo by Tres Kimball

The children’s science class for the past school year was to learn the yard birds at Tranquilo Bay.  I have asked Tres and Scott to tell us what they feel they learned, how they felt about the process and to give us a few examples of the birds they drew.  First up – Tres.

Citizen Science Panama

Blue Gray Tanager by Tres Kimball

This year, our science class was to learn all the birds listed on-site at Tranquilo Bay. We researched their size, food, habitat, and range. Also, we drew a picture of every bird. Now, it is enjoyable to look out of a window, see a bird, and know what species it is.

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Bay Wren by Tres Kimball

Due to the fact that I drew a bird almost every day, my drawing skills have improved immensely. Now, I draw mostly in pen, after sketching in pencil.

Drawing at Tranquilo Bay

Golden-collared Manakin by Tres Kimball

I think the greatest thing, while learning our birds, is that I learned the general appearance of the different families, therefore if I don’t know what species it is, I normally recognize the genus, and can look it up.

Birding Panama

Red-eyed Vireo by Tres Kimball

Now, I draw better and can identify most of our birds. What I need to learn this summer is the sounds. I lack severely in that department.

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Red-capped Manakin by Tres Kimball

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