Well hidden animal

Wildlife Panama

One of my favorite reptiles, besides turtles, is the Smooth Helmeted Iguana or Helmeted Lizard (Corytophanes cristatus). This lizard can reach about 11 cm in length, and usually has a light brown color, but can change color pretty quickly going from light brown, to olive or dark brown, allowing him to be very well camouflaged.  His habitat, dense forest, near dead branches and leaves, also hides him so people frequently miss this beautiful creatures.

This specie is found from the east of Mexico to the south of Colombia. The animals are usually found in trees from 2 to 5 meters above the ground, and are found close to the ground during breeding season. A common behavior of this animal is to “perch” in a branch, with its head up, and stay still, and when an insect walks close the insect is ambushed by the lizard.

Not much information about this secretive creature.  The status of the specie is unknown, but clearly, habitat loss could be a reason for reduction of the population of this peculiar animal.

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